I have appeared in over 150 professional, regional and community theater productions ranging from classic musicals to more contemporary pieces.   

I have taken advantage of New England's regional film industry and have worked on dozens of feature films, appeared in numerous short and independent films and have done many industrial training videos and commercials.


My degree in Communication from The University of Miami started my journey on the production side of  the industry.  There I learned the ins and outs of "behind the camera" work, which gives me great insight when I am in front of the camera.

My training has included workshops with Los Angeles and New York based industry professionals:  Ricki Maslar, Linda Palo Philips, Bob Lambert, Dennis LaValle and Reno Venturi.

I  currently study with Steve Blackwood in his Master Class program.


I am always looking for exciting projects to further my career and stretch my creativity.

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